Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a lot about qatar

hey!  sorry i haven't updated in a long time.  
In the last week or so, we went to the beach, saw camels, went to the mall, i had squash lessons, i watched my mom and sister do tae-bo, and I played with my friends inside the compound.  The beach i didn't like because I don't like beaches and my mom  my mom kept trying to make me go into the water.  The camels were wild so i didn't get to pet them...  the mall, like all the other times, and the squash lessons were a lot more fun then i thought they would be, it is actually really fun.  Me watching my mom and sister was boring, they looked like weirdos so i didn't want to join in, and the kids around the compound, there are seven of ten of them, but i only like seven of them.  Hope you're not too mad at me!  Bye!!  Short people rock!!!


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