Saturday, June 7, 2008

Days Nine through Twelve

Day Nine:
Squash & exercising. Not terribly interesting.

Day Ten:
Tae bo & Arabic lessons! Arabic is easier now that we're not actually using the characters. We're just learning the pronunciation of words and then "english spelling". Like "assalamu alaykum"; which means "hi", or technically, "peace to you". And, other than that, we're just using conversational words.

Day Eleven:
Off to City Center to pick up our tickets for Oman! Oh, did I mention we're going to Oman? Specifically Muscat, the capital. We're staying in a fancy shmancy five star hotel near the beach side. :D Hooray! But City Center is a nightmare for parking! We drove around for hours and hours, or maybe minutes, and finally found a spot only to enter into the world's most crowded mall. It is super huge and I can't find my way around. We got the tickets and then went to the bookstore and got books. Hooray!! I finished the book in one night however. Oh, and, I got a Hello Kitty watch. It's totally bomb. And we got Starbucks. Then we came home, and...sat around.

Day Twelve: 
Sat around. Mommy worked. Oh, the life.

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