Saturday, June 7, 2008

a little update

So nothing much really happened, but what we did was play squash, i played around the neighborhood, we watched all the Harry Potter movies, my sister and mom had tae-bo and I found a cool game on the internet.  I practice squash but the top of the squash racket got unravelled a little bit so I tucked it in a little bit so that it works better.  I finally got to see the kids again.  It was fun playing again.  the Harry Potter movies were fun too watch too.  Tae-bo went as usual.  The game on the internet is named fishy, and it is on and it is when you are this little fish and you have to eat the ones that are smaller than you and then you grow.   

I'll try to post another blog soon, 


Anne said...

HI Catharine and Daniel, you've got some amazing pictures on your site. I really like the camel footprints. Two toes. Who knew?
And it sounds like you are having an amazing time in the desert - as are we in ours. What's been the most unusual thing that you've eaten?

Anne (of Anne, Matt, and Ellen, formerly of Pittsburgh, now of Tucson)

Coach O said...


This is Coach O. checking in with an update on your Astros team (probably long forgotten by you by now). We knocked off the defending champion Cubs in the first round of the playoffs 2 games to 1. Very satisfying to beat Coach Stein, who has won the championship 3 years in a row!

We are in the World Series vs. the Giants. Our first game on Saturday got rained out after 2 innings, Astros trailing 4-2. Last night (Monday), we started in the top of the 3rd inning where we left off on Saturday. We were the home team and were losing 5-2 into the bottom of the 6th with that blonde-haired Bobby kid on the mound for the Giants. After two quick outs, Kyle gets us going with a single. We score 2 runs with some big 2-out hits by Jack, Chad and Jason. Jay Maier at the plate, Chad on 3rd, Jason on 2nd, still 2 outs. After 2 strikes and the game on the line, Jay lines a single to right, Chad scores to tie the game and Coach O. sends Jason home . . . play at the plate . . . . Jason's safe when the catcher drops the ball!! ASTROS WIN!!! Jay hits the walk-off single to win game 1 and earns the game ball.

Because of the previous rain-out and the lousy forecast the rest of this week, we played game 2 immediately after this game and, unfortunately, no heroics this time. Astros lose 4-3, only scoring 1 run in the top of the 6th. Game 3, the championship-deciding game, will be Wednesday. Will keep you posted on the outcome . . . . hopefully, we will have a trophy waiting for you upon your return to Pittsburgh.

I hope you and Catherine enjoy the rest of your amazing experience on foreign soil. Lots to write about in Ms. B.'s class on "What I did over the summer".

Coach O.