Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day Thirteen: to the Villagio

Today. Finally, up to date. We started our day by heading to Bukhara at noon to eat some Korma! FINALLY. We've been waiting to get our hands on that. And, and, and! There were feral cats outside of the window in the bushes hiding from the sprinklers! There were three kittens, on the skinny side. One orange striped, one Calico (or black with polka dots as Daniel so says), and light orange and white one, presumed around two months old (by wise old mom, not old though). So, now we're up to seven! Anyways, then we got terribly lost going to Villagio. Because they put roundabouts on the map where there are none, and take out random roundabouts and put in bridges! So we ended up in the Industrial part of town, and by some stroke of luck got to the mall. We were intending on going skating, but we didn't have much time before we had to leave for Arabic, so we just shopped around. We stopped at H&M, and some odd little stores, along with....CARREFOUR! Duh. We got dresses, hats, and shoes, along with the food necessities; chocolate, pizza, and cereal. :] And then it was Arabic time. Lessons progressing well, I suppose. We learned more greeting/name phrases today, and basic classroom things, like pen (qalam). Then we headed home after our hour and a half lesson and sat around and talked to daddy. Oh, and I used Skype! Skype is good fun, even if I do have pointless conversations. That's all for today.

However, I left a point out about one of the past days. We sat in on mom's lesson! It was actually pretty interesting, we learned about French & American body positions and things of the sort. We watched a clip of Saturday Night Fever too. And a clip of a French movie. We got to meet her students too. There are three girls and two boys in her class. The girls wear the abaya and shaylas, which are their black dress things and head scarves. And one of the boys was wearing a thope (the white robe things) and the other was wearing street clothes, but mom said he usually wear a thope too. They were pretty similar to American students though, besides the way they look. They joked around and whispered and giggled like normal students, and were slightly afraid of my mom. As are most people. :] And what I think is pretty interesting, is that the girls, although they wear the abayas; they have really sweet shoes, and bags, and their eye makeup is the coolest. And if you see them in the mall they always have loads of shopping bags from regular stores too. So, I mean, they're just like us, but they were abayas and shaylas. They drink Starbucks too. Anyone who drinks Starbucks can't be too different from me. :] Well, I suppose that's long enough for today. 

Feral Cat Count: 7

Catharine ♥ 

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Gospella said...

Hi Catharine and Daniel,
assalaam malaycum
We've been keeping an eye on your blog. Thanks for helping us visit Qatar.
I think your mum has the right idea leaping into the water fully-dressed : after all it dries quickly in the sun!

Please say Happy Birthday to your Dad for us : a few hours late but better late than never.

Bye for now,
Karen (France)