Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to Qatar

So we are back in Qatar. I have a camel tooth i bought in Oman. I also got my haircut and learned a very important lesson: NEVER get your hair cut in a souq. OUCH! He actually managed to cut my neck. OK things we did in Qatar. I went ice skating twice. With a family my mom knows (she actually found someone she knows from work in Oman!). I found these cool shoes called Kangoo Jumps. You can check out their website, kangoojumps.com. I definitely ( i just found out that if you say slow and pronounce every letter it sounds like "deaf in Italy" lol) recommend them, i tried them on on the store and they are so awesome. We also went to a mosque. At first I was bored because we were learning sorta boring stuff but then it got really cool. I learned how to wash your hands before you pray and how you pray at certain times and we went inside a mosque! It was awesome. It was so cool seeing everyone do the same steps and doing them at their own pace but they followed the rhythm. I would totally go again if i could. Plus, i met some really cool people.


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